Helicon Remote: DOF calculator adjustments

Helicon Remote calculates automatically the focus distance between adjacent shots (focus stacking).

But, how to be sure that this value is correct? In this video, we explain how to check it and how to find the right value.

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This is the table with the correct correction factor for different lenses/magnifications (using the text file I use in the video). If you want to contribute to this database, please download the text file in A4 size paper or letter size, and email the results for your lens at fotoigual@gmail.com.

Please, submit the following info: calculated correction factor, camera, lens, magnification,  f/numbers tested (at least two of them), any comments you have.


MakerLensmagnificationcorrection factorf-stops
Canon100 mm macro EF 2.8 L USM1:112.8, 5.6
Canon100 mm macro EF 2.8 L USM1:30.72.8